Erin Naifeh Visual Artist Director + Cinematographer + Content Visualizer + Thought Provoker + Painter

Message On A Bottle started in November 2020. I was doing research on where our trash goes and discovered the heartbreaking truth of how our trash and recyclables are managed.  I shockingly scrolled through photos of our waste being dumped in other countries covering people's property. I instantly got the idea to let these people know that I see them and want to do something about this issue. To dissolve language barriers, I decided that  art was the best way to communicate. Art is a universal language. As an artist myself, I came up with a simple design that I felt was the most communicative. I began stamping all my trash hoping that this message would be shared across the world and inspiring the people who sort through it that they aren't alone with this feeling. I soon realized how much of an affect this stamp had on my own psyche. The more I stared at this sad face while sorting through my trash, I became more aware of what I was buying and throwing away. I started to become more and more eco friendly. I embodied a more sustainable lifestyle. I love my home (Earth) and I want to work as a team with Gaia. My goal is to inspire people to do the same. 

My strengths reside in idea fabrication and design. I'd like to collaborate with people who are advocating and paving a way for a green earth.